The HoloLamp augmented reality technology is boosting the passenger in-flight experience by creating a projected touch interface directly on the tray table-top of business class seats. The lightweight IFE solution provides:

  1. A digital AR menu, where the passenger can select and view the dishes directly on the tray table top, in 3D, with the correction portion sizes. The passenger can finally place the order from his seat at any time of the flight.
  2. An in-flight entertaining experience with 3D animations directly on the tray table top. For example, a 3D animation showing a plane moving on a map can be projected to provide the flight information.
  3. A non invasive interface: when off, there is no screen but the tray table as it is.
  4. A mindful engagement with content: the projector system only projects content on precise regions of interest. The passenger is focused on the content and is not overwhelmed by the distractive invasive light that is displayed on screens.