How does HoloLamp work?

HoloLamp is the world’s first glasses-free portable AR device that creates optical 3D illusions directly in the user environment.

HoloLamp takes the power of our brain and the power of new pico projectors, video capture and face tracking technology to alter the image the user is seeing so that the 2D projection behaves as if it was 3D.

The user can also control the virtual objects by simply gesturing his hands. In this way, HoloLamp creates natural interactions without any constraint: the user does not wear or hold any equipment.

What is spatial augmented reality?

Spatial augmented reality is an alternative approach to looking through AR systems. It render graphics directly in the user environment using projectors. This approach has the main advantage of removing any wearable AR equipment that constrains the user, and of removing any screen that traps the content.

How is HoloLamp different from competitors?

Current augmented reality solutions are based on looking through systems like glasses, phones, tablets or other devices that mix reality with the augmentation, but fail in so many ways.  Glasses-based devices reduce your field of view and can be very uncomfortable since it places a screen very close to your eyes. Viewing through a phone or other handheld device places the screen at arm’s length and makes the interaction less immersive as you see a screen and not your environment directly. Additionally, a number of research labs have been working on fixed installations using complex projector setups, but the demos remain at the research stage.

HoloLamp is the world's first portable and self-contained device to deliver a glasses-free and hands-free spatial augmented reality experience. It is simple to use and is suitable for a desktop. 

Can you use HoloLamp with a friend?

HoloLamp is a one-to-one experience, but it is easy to switch between users, and other viewers can see enough to discuss what they are seeing to the person seeing the effect.

Who will benefit from HoloLamp?

HoloLamp can be used for smart home, gaming, education, the art community and much, much more.

I’m a developer. How can I use HoloLamp?

Developers around the world can download the software development kit in Unity to design various use cases compatible with HoloLamp. We encourage you to experiment as the possible use cases are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

How can I order a HoloLamp?

HoloLamp will be available for pre-orders soon. Sign up to receive updates on our website: Sign-up section

Is HoloLamp available internationally?

Yes, it will be available for international shipping.