New way to play with Lego

Before the digital era, children used to play with building systems like lego and meccano etc, which had the benefit to activate their imagination. New virtual games show a more realistic representation, but they tend to isolate the child, to leave them alone with the screen and to cut them off from the real world. These games do not activate the child’s imagination or build their interpersonal relationships anymore.

HoloLamp creates a mixed reality space, where the child building set coexists with virtual objects which enrich its environment in real time, enabling the child's imagination.

Our development team is working on the creation of a special effects pack dedicated to buildings sets for children. HoloLamp algorithms capture the game environment geometry during initialization. The captured objects are then tracked in real time by using computer vision algorithms, so that HoloLamp is aware of the position of each object. Therefore, special effects interact with real objects.

For example, HoloLamp enables the child to add laser beams in Lego battlefields between Stormtroopers and soldiers of the Rebel Alliance. Virtual laser beams collide with real Lego, which geometry has been captured by HoloLamp. The device introduces a new way to play with Lego, and rehabilitates the constructive role of children's games.