Using HoloLamp, people can interact with content in new and compelling ways. Explore HoloLamp applications.



For business, HoloLamp is a powerful 3D visualisation tool. It can be used in architecture and engineering to visualise the 3D model of a building and its electrical conduits or water pipes for example.

HoloLamp is also a powerful sales tool. It can catch people in front of a shop window and show them 3D virtual contents that emphasize the shop products.


For consumers, HoloLamp offers an opportunity to participate in 3D games that have only been engrained in fantasy or science fiction until now.

More, it creates a new experience in smart home by projecting a virtual assistant in 3D, which can interact via voice control on a more personal level than current smart home solutions.

Finally, HoloLamp can be used as a second display - in addition to the TV screen - to broadcast additional live sport content in 3D.



HoloLamp’s accompanying software development kit in Unity enables developers around the world to design various use cases compatible with the technology.

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Based on face tracking and motion parallax, HoloLamp allows you to perceive a 3D experience.


Based on stereo vision, HoloLamp allows you to control the virtual 3D objects using your hands.


Based on DLP ultra short throw technology, HoloLamp projects bright, high resolution and wide images.

Based on hardware optimisation, HoloLamp is a compact spatial augmented reality solution.